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2020 Competition Winners

George Brown

Winner - Non Winners Singles Competition 2020 

Winners - Two bowl Pairs 2020
Jim Prunty & gordon McKenzie

Ladies Senior Singles Winner 2020

Carol Condy

Tom McDonald

Runner Up - Non Winners Singles Competition 2020

Runners Up - Two Bowl Pairs 2020
Jim Fraser & John Tierney

Ladies National 4's Winners 2020
Tracy Bruin, Marion Murphy Carol Condy & Mhairi Buchanan

Ladies Balloted Pairs Winners 2020

Mhairi Buchanan & Lyn Robson

2019 Photos 

Ladies Senior Pairs Winners 2020

Margaret Hicks & Betty Tweedie

October 2019 - Ladies Section raise £577 for Breast Casncer Now Charity

2019 Finals - April 2019

Ladies Singles Champion 2019
Mhairi Buchanan

Gents Singles Champion 2019
Scott Bell

Ladies Pairs Winners  2019

Myra Poole & Margaret McSkimming

Ladies Triples Winners 2019
Janette Bray, Carol Condy & Mhairi Buchanan

Ladies Fours Winners 2019
Mhairi Buchanan, Carol Condy, Janette Bray & Tracy Bruin

Ladies Senior Pairs Winners 2019
Elizabeth Chalmers & Evelyn McInnes

Ladies Novice Singles Champion 2019

Elizabeth Chalmers

Gents Pairs Champions 2019

Martin Jenkins and Jim Prunty

Gents Junior Singles Champion 2019

Thomas Strachan

Senior Gents Non Winners Champion 2019

Tom Reid

Ladies Senior Singles Champion  2019

Carol Condy

Gents Triples Champions 2019

Gordon McKenzie, Alan Patterson & Gary Prunty

Senior Gents Singles Champion 2019

Gordon McKenzie

Senior Gents Pairs Champions 2019

Alan Patterson & Billy Cochrane

Seniors Two Bowl Pairs Champions 2019

John Smith & Gordon McKenzie

Senior Gents Triples Champions 2019

Jim Fraser, John Tierney & Robert Provan

2019 Club Champions
Scott Bell & Mhairi Buchanan 

Glasgow & District  Winning Coatbridge Teams April 2019

Glasgow & District Gents Fours Winners 2019
Robert Bell, Scott Bell, David Blades & Duncan Smith

Glasgow & District Ladies Triples Winners 2019
Myra Poole Marion Murphy & Margaret McSkimming

Glasgow & District Singles Winner 2019 
Gordon McKenzie

Ladies Premier  League Champions 2019 

Coatbridge indoor bowling club

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