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Playing Bowls can improve your physical and mental health and promote overall wellbeing.

Bowls is a unique sport in that it it is fully inclusive, so that anyone can play it at any age, ability or fitness level,  and for over one hundred and fifty years it has been one of Scotland's greatest sporting success stories.

No matter if you are playing for fun at your local club or are playing for Scotland, bowls offers an opportunity for everyone to get involved.

At Coatbridge we offer FREE coaching by our qualified Coach and you will be made very welcome, so why not give us a call and find out more about it!


Coaching sessions by arrangement - please contact the Club on the above number


for all ages

A new 8 week course starts 
Thursday 10th October 
at 8pm

You can come along to any of all of the classes

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not very fit

- will this be an issue?

As a sport, bowls is unique. Although bowls can help to improve your physical fitness and coordination, the sport can be enjoyed by all no matter what a person’s fitness,  and is often recommended by physiotherapists as a low-impact form of exercise.

No - the club has a selection of bowls you can borrow when you begin to play.

If you decide to join the club, you may want to buy your own bowls later on.

What should I wear?

All you need to bring with you is  a pair of flat soled shoes or you can borrow a pair from the club. 

You can buy bowling shoes at a later date if you decide to continue  - the latest bowling shoes are modern and comfortable!

Are there any age restrictions?

No - bowling is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

We have sections for Juniors, Ladies, Gents and Senior Gents.

How much will it cost?

Anyone can book a rink to play in the club for a small hourly fee of £2.30, but  membership offers many benefits such as playing in leagues and club competitions.   

New members pay just £60 for the first year - and you can find more about this by clicking on the link below

Do I have to have my

own Bowls?

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